How You Can Stay Positive When Things Are Not Going Well For You

You are going to hear me say this often and I make no apology for it…

Property investment is tough!

Things will always go wrong and people will let you down.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how long you have been in the business.

I have been involved with property investment for many years now and I still have really bad days where nothing seems to go right.

In my early days as a property investor things going wrong used to really bother and upset me. I would even accuse people of deliberately trying to sabotage my success.

They weren’t of course but it certainly felt like they were.

I had some really dark days in the beginning where I was seriously contemplating giving up.

Thankfully I didn’t give up and nowadays I use a number of techniques to stay positive when all around me is not going as I want it to.

I will share these techniques with you here so that you can remain positive no matter what is happening.

Remaining positive can literally mean the difference between success and failure. When you are positive about a property investment project you will be so much more productive. You cannot give everything you’ve got to a project if you feel negatively about it.

Always look for the Optimistic Viewpoint

When I have been on the wrong end of a negative situation I will always ask myself questions to find an optimistic viewpoint. You have probably heard the term “every problem is an opportunity” and I firmly believe this to be true.

So I always ask myself:

  • What is the positive thing about this situation?
  • What opportunities exist from this situation?

Asking yourself these questions will calm you down and prevent you from getting into a negative thought spiral blaming yourself for everything. Yes this is your property investment business and the buck does stop with you, but telling yourself what a loser you are will not help believe me.

If a process has gone wrong then you have the opportunity to change it and make it better. When someone lets you down there is the opportunity to find someone else who is more reliable. I am sure that this makes sense to you.

Avoid Negativity as much as you can

Negativity is everywhere. Some of your family and friends will tell you that you are mad for getting involved in the property investment business. None of the people that normally say these kinds of things have had any experience of property investment. A lot of the time it is jealousy. They cannot handle the fact that you may become successful.

It is not always easy to avoid these people but do your best. One thing that you can control pretty well is your exposure to negativity on the TV and the Internet. News programs are all doom and gloom and so are many of the stories online. You may not think that these things will affect your positive outlook but they can.

Stop making Mountains out of Molehills

I used to be a champion of this. The smallest problem could send me totally over the edge and make me think negatively about the whole business. Do you do this? It is very easy to lose your perspective if you stress out over small things.

I now deal with these “molehills” by doing the following:

  • I tell myself to stop – if I am in the grip of a small problem making me negative then I tell myself to stop. I actually shout this in my head. I tell myself that I am not going to go down this path again.
  • I take some deep breaths – once I tell myself to stop I just sit calmly and take some deep breaths. I focus on the moment and the things that are around me. This is a great way to calm your mind.
  • I refocus with questions – ask yourself “will this matter in a year’s time?” or even “will this even matter tomorrow?”

Don’t let Fears hold you back

Succeeding in property investment is all about taking risks. If you want to embark on a larger project with a bigger profit potential then you may find that some irrational fear will hold you back.

This happens to me even now and the way that I deal with this irrational fear and remain positive is to ask myself “what’s the worst thing that could happen here?”

Once I have the answer to this then I spend time thinking about how I can avoid this thing happening. In my experience these “worse things” never happen, but thinking about avoiding them always provides clarity and will keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Add Positivity to another person’s life

When you give you get back. This doesn’t work all of the time but I have found that it works most of the time. If I am able to inject some positivity into someone else’s life then this always makes me feel good whether they give me anything back or not.

Here is what you can do:

  • Help others – if someone asks for your advice then give it to them. Even if all it takes is a simple Google search then do it anyway.
  • Listen to others – a good listener can always have a positive impact. Sometimes people don’t ask for advice directly but just want you to listen to what is going on in their life.
  • Give them a positive boost – tell people that you are happy to see them or speak with them. If you are meeting them in person then smile. If they tell you a tale of woe then tell them that they are great and can overcome any problem.

I help others sometimes. I am a property invertor and not an agony aunt or therapist! So be careful that people do not abuse your time.

Get a Positive Start to the Day

If your day starts in a negative way then it can set the tone for what lay ahead. So start your day right by listening to something uplifting or having a positive conversation with your partner or another member of your family.

When you are travelling to your office listen to some inspiring audios on your phone or MP3 player. You can purchase these and there are many available for free. A good dose of Tony Robbins for example, will make you feel positive and start your day off right.

Exercise and Eat Well

This may seem obvious but a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind. Get as much exercise as you can and eat the right things. Avoid alcohol as this can bring you down and lead to a lot of negative thoughts.

Be Positive by Paul Hamilton

Take breaks during the day. Don’t sit in front of your computer for hours. Get up and go for a short walk. Don’t be a slave to your phone either. Very few things are really urgent. Don’t stress because you do not instantly reply to a friend on social media.

Harvey Raybould

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