Be Prepared For Hard Work And A Struggle To Progress

Did the title of this post shock you?

Maybe you attended a seminar with one of the property investment gurus who told you that it was all going to be easy and you will not have to invest much time and effort.

This is complete nonsense.

You need to bear in mind that some of these “gurus” just want to sell you their latest property investment courses. So for sure they are going to tell you that you can become free with property investment without having to work hard.

The reality is completely different.

OK if you are absolutely loaded and can afford to buy a property every week then maybe you will not have to work very hard. But are you in that position? If you are then why are you even bothering with property investment? Just sit on the beach while your money makes more money!

I am guessing that most of you do not have untold wealth already. Call it a hunch but why would you be visiting this blog if you already had all the money and freedom that you want?

Property Investment is a Battle

I am not going to pull any punches here. Property investment can be a real battle at times. It has taken me years of hard work and struggle to get where I am today. I did not achieve freedom via property overnight – and nor will you.

Look I promise you that you will always get honesty on this blog. If you want get rich quick with property investment fairy tales then I am sure that there are other websites that will provide this. But I prefer living in the real world rather than some fantasy. I highly recommend that you do the same.

It is hard to get the right results with property investment. I am not saying that it is not possible because it is – I am living proof of that. But to suggest that it will be easy and you will not have to work hard is ridiculous.

You need to prepare yourself for battle. There are going to be many others competing with you to purchase a property at the right price. Finding the right opportunities for your next property investment project will not be easy. You will have to work hard and work smart to uncover good deals.

When you finally find a property that is right for your project then you will have to battle with the owner who will probably want far too much money for it. Then there is the problem of property investment “newbies” that will pay over the odds because they don’t know what they are doing.

You will probably have to identify several properties and go through the offer process each time before you land the right deal. It can be pretty demoralising to have to put in the effort time and time again only to see deals fall through because you couldn’t purchase a property at the right price.

But that is the battle that you are up against. It requires hard work and dedication to find the right property deals. You need to keep working through until you find that sweet deal. Some newcomers will fold at an early stage and end up paying way too much for a property because they are frustrated with how many deals have passed them by.

Don’t do this – always believe that the right deal will come your way and you just need to work harder to find it.

Struggle and Progress

In his excellent book “High Performance Habits”, author Brendon Burchard talks about high performers having the right habits that drive them on to success every day. This is where you need to be. He also explains that achieving success is not about being a particular type of individual but having these high performance habits to drive them forward all of the time.

Bruchard has identified 6 habits and 3 practices that are required to strengthen high performance habits and take you to the next level. He believes that truly successful people choose to practice their high performance habits each day which sets them apart from the rest. So what are these habits and practices?

1. Seeking Clarity

  1. You need to envision the future of “self”, “skills”, “social” and “service
  2. Identify the feeling that you are looking for
  3. Determine what is meaningful to you

2. Energy Generation

  1. You need to set intention and release tension
  2. You need to bring joy into your life
  3. You need to be in optimum health

3. Increase Necessity

  1. Identify who requires your “A” game
  2. Identify your “Why” and affirm it
  3. Build your winning team

4. Improve your Productivity

  1. Identify what matters and increase outputs
  2. Plot your 5 moves
  3. Become a master with the important skills

5. Build Influence

  1. Teach people how to think properly
  2. Challenge individuals for growth
  3. Be a role model to show them the way

6. Be Courageous

  1. Have great respect for the struggle
  2. Share your honesty and goals
  3. Identify an individual to fight for

Just knowing these habits is not enough. You need to put them into practice regularly. Share the habits with others and then have them test you and provide feedback. You can use these habits with new property investment projects and even day to day tasks such as meetings and phone calls.

Bruchard says that high achievers are always optimistic and believe that they will achieve success through their actions. When you are in the property investment business you need to think like this too. I strongly believe that every action I take will bring me closer to what I want to achieve.

Another trait of high performers is to ask the right questions. Instead of asking yourself “what do you want?” ask yourself “what do the people that I serve want?” So for example if you are pursuing a buy to let property strategy then think about what potential tenants want for their new home and then give it to them at the right price.

Brendon Bruchard’s book is very inspiring and I would highly recommend it as an excellent read.

I am still Working Hard and Struggling

I have been in the property investment business for a number of years. I have spent a lot of time and effort putting the right systems and people in place so that my business operates efficiently. But I do not sit back and relax on the back of this.

I challenge myself with new goals all of the time. I am still working hard and struggling with the property investment battle – I am just better at it now than I was before because I have a lot of experience. Don’t believe the hype – property investment is not a get rich quick scheme. So work hard and be a high performer.

Harvey Raybould

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