Why Is It Important To Celebrate Your Wins? (Explained)

Do you celebrate your wins?

If you don’t then you must!

Why is it important to celebrate your wins? Read this post and find out!

I started to celebrate my wins in my real estate investment business several years ago and I have never looked back.

Real estate investment can be a very rewarding business but it is a tough one to succeed with. In my years of being a real estate investor I have had many tough times and “touch and go” moments where I was literally on the edge.

In the beginning I didn’t celebrate all of my successes and I know that a lot of people don’t celebrate them as often as they should.

Why is Celebrating Wins important?

I believe that you should celebrate every win, no matter how small. Why is celebrating important? Well, there are a number of reasons why I urge you to celebrate your wins. Here are the most important ones:

It Builds your Confidence

Every time you experience success, however small, you will develop your confidence. When things are going wrong around you (and you are likely to have a few of these days) then having the confidence to persevere and see a project through is essential.

By celebrating your wins, you will condition your mind to expect more success. A lot of people downplay their achievements in life and business and when you do that you miss out on the opportunity to give your confidence a boost.

If you employ people and they achieve things then celebrate with them too. This will improve their confidence levels and it will help to boost your confidence because you hired the people, didn’t you?

It keeps your Motivation Level High

One of the main benefits to me personally with celebrating wins was it kept my motivation levels high. When you celebrate your successes your motivation levels will increase as well.

As business owners we have a lot to contend with. There are always going to be people who let you down when you are in business and this was the hardest thing for me to accept.

In my real estate business, contractors promising me start and finish dates and not meeting them was a classic example. Then there were lawyers not doing things on time.

Quite often you can be living on your nerves financially when you are in business for yourself. You may have sunk a large amount of money into a project only to have things not turn out the way that you wanted them too.

It can be really tough to keep your motivation levels high when you are in a situation like this.

In the real estate investing business, finding the right properties to invest in can be a real “waiting game”. I have had to wait weeks and even months before to find the right deal. This can be very frustrating and will really challenge your motivation

So, celebrate small wins to keep you motivated. Staying motivated is the top reason why you should celebrate small wins.

You will Develop your Success Mindset

When you celebrate all of your successes you will develop a stronger success mindset. With a success mindset you are literally opening the door to future success in your life and business.

There is an old saying that “success breeds success” which is something that I totally believe in and urge you to do the same.

It Feels really Great to Celebrate

It feels great when you celebrate. I will talk about the different ways that you can celebrate a little later, but believe me when I tell you that celebrating will release more dopamine from your brain and this will make you feel really good.

It is a real “happiness release” when you celebrate your wins.

How do you Celebrate your Wins?

What’s the best way to celebrate your successes in your business? Some people will naturally link celebrating with drinking alcohol but there are other ways to do it.

If you go crazy with alcohol every time you experience a success then this can be a real problem. Being drunk in charge of a business is not something I would recommend.

Does this mean that you should never celebrate with alcohol? No of course not. I would recommend that you look at each success and see if it warrants this level of celebrating.

If you are in the flipping game and have just made a very healthy profit on the sale of your property then by all means go out and celebrate with a drink.

I have done this a number of times but I always do it in the evening and not during the day. There are different celebration methods that I use during the day and still benefit from these.

The drinks can come later if that’s what you want to do.

Reflect on what you have Achieved

One of the best ways I find to celebrate a win is to take a look at how I arrived at the success. Forget about the outcome for a moment and focus on what you had to do to achieve the success.

What processes did you endure and what important decisions did you have to make to achieve your goal?

Consider the route to your success as a journey. Ask yourself what the most rewarding thing was about the journey. What did you enjoy doing the most? Think about your personal traits that you had to use on your journey.

Also think about the obstacles you had to overcome and how you did this.

When you take the time to reflect on your journey it will help to provide you with clarity on why you are celebrating. You are actually being grateful for the personal strengths and traits that you have that enabled you to arrive at your destination.

This is simple but very powerful.

Celebrate with others

What makes a celebration really great is to do it with others. Celebrating with your team is a no brainer, but you can extend this to include your family and friends too.

When I experienced a big success I would share it with my parents, my brother and a lot of my friends.

With social media, spreading your celebration with your friends is really easy these days. Whenever I sell a property for example, I will post this on Facebook. It is a great feeling to see the congratulatory comments come in from my friends for days afterwards.

Write down your Successes

This is a great habit to get into. I started a journal some time ago and I recorded all of my wins however small. When I was writing these down, I took a moment to reflect on what I had achieved, and this is a mini celebration in itself!

The great thing about having a record of your successes is that you can pick up your journal (or whatever else you use) and look at what you have achieved in the past to see how much you have grown.

This is another reason to celebrate and it will make you feel really great with a nice dopamine release.

Do something Physical

Many years ago, I had a business partner who used to jump up and down punching the air when he had experienced success. At the time I thought he had gone crazy but I really enjoyed when he did it and so did the others in the office!

He would run around as if he had scored the winning goal in the World Cup final.

Now I always add a physical element to my celebrations. You need to decide what will work for you best here. Imagine that you have just won a major sporting event like my old business partner did.

What would you do? By doing something physical you will accelerate the dopamine release from your brain. So don’t be shy and get physical!

Give yourself what you want?

Is there something that you really want? It doesn’t matter how small this is. I have celebrated by buying myself a new item of clothing, a weekend away, a new car and just about everything in between. This has worked very well for me and it will for you too.

Some people say that you can celebrate your wins by having a cup of your favorite beverage or a snack that you really like. But I don’t think this is enough.

When you are working your way up to each success think about something that you really want and then go and get it when you experience the success. This works great for others in your team as well.

Sometimes I will celebrate by just taking a day off and doing something that I want to do. This doesn’t always have to involve money. I have visited people that I have not seen for a while and shared my success with them.

Those “high fives” all round really make you feel good.

Why is Celebrating Success Important on every Team?

Why Is It Important To Celebrate Your Wins?I always make a point of celebrating my successes with my team. If I am not in the office then I will call them. Ask for the call to be on loudspeaker so that everyone can hear, and then recall my success story.

Why do I do this? Because it is inspiring for the team! They can all join in celebrating your success and they will feel a lot better and also feel part of a winning team.

It is important for the development of their success mindset, their confidence and their motivation levels as well.

Encourage all of your team members to celebrate their wins. Explain the benefits of doing this with them and give them some examples of how they can celebrate their wins.

Your business will benefit from this. Every member of your team will want to win so that they can celebrate afterwards.

I would love to hear from you now please.

Do you feel it is important to celebrate your wins? If so, how do you celebrate them? Please add your experiences or thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you very much and have a great day.


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