My 6 Morning Habits To Help You Become Wealthy

Do you have morning habits?

Are you a morning person?

Whether you get up at the crack of dawn every morning or a little later it is essential that you start your day right.

I have six habits that I have developed which are now on autopilot for me every morning. I do these things without fail every day. They are my morning wealthy habits.

When you do the right things at the start of each day you send a strong message to your subconscious mind that you are serious about being wealthy.

So what do you do at the start of each day?

Do your Morning Habits Empower you to Take Action and Build Wealth?

If they don’t then you might want to take a look at what I do and strongly consider developing the same habits so that you can begin each day in a way that will provide your motivation with a great boost which is essential to ride the challenges of the day ahead.

I didn’t come up with these morning wealth habits all by myself. The authors Tim Ferris and Hal Elrod inspired me. Others probably helped me as well to do the right things when I woke up each day. I put my own twist on things and I encourage you to do the same.

Both Ferris and Elrod believe that “winning the morning leads to winning the day” which is something that I totally believe in and I recommend that you do as well. OK let’s take a look at these 6 morning wealth habits (they are not in any particular order):

The 6 Morning Habits That Have Helped Me

Habit 1 – Your “WHY” Statement

Do you have a strong “why” statement? This is something that I talk about a lot because I think that it is so important. You have set yourself goals to achieve wealth and you have broken these down into daily actions. But why are you doing all of this? Why do you want to become wealthy?

This is your “why” statement. The real reason or reasons that you want to create wealth. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are as long as they inspire you and fill you with energy every time that you read your “why” statement.

Your “why” statement does not have to be long. What it does need to be is emotional and conjure up strong feelings within you so that you are fired up to take action. If you read your “why” statement and it doesn’t have this effect on you then you need to rewrite it until it does. See my post on How to find your WHY for help with this.

Once you have your strong “why” statement, keep a copy of it by your bed so that you can read it every morning. Personally I do this first to really get myself in the mood to achieve my goals for the day. Whatever you do make this part of your morning habits for wealth.

Habit 2 – Show Gratitude

Many people overlook the power of gratitude on their wealth building journey. But it is something that I strongly encourage you to do every morning. There are a lot of unhappy people in the world and if they were just to practice gratitude regularly they could easily turn this around.

A lot of people get themselves into debt because they are unhappy. They need to buy things that are unnecessary to make themselves feel happy even if the feeling doesn’t last for long. If they would just practice gratitude they could get themselves out of this spending spiral.

Showing gratitude is all about switching the focus to what you already have rather than what you don’t have. Some people say to me that they can’t think of anything that they should be grateful for. Really? So I tell them that they are alive and healthy so that’s a good start.

Each morning I write down three things that I am grateful for. They do not have to be new things. Repetition is good. If you need some ideas to help you with this try thinking about these things:

  • You have the freedom to say and do what you want
  • You have your health and so do your loved ones
  • You have food to eat and water to drink
  • You have money to buy the things that you need to live
  • You have people that love you

Honestly there is no reason at all why you cannot come up with three reasons to be grateful every morning. Be grateful for the fact that you have the mental capacity to be on the road to wealth! Practice gratitude each day – it will transform your life.

Habit 3 – Learn Something New

A while ago I wrote a post about investing in your education and consider getting a mentor. If you haven’t read this then I highly recommend that you do so. I am a totally committed life learner and as part of my morning wealth routine I learn at least one new thing every day.

Rather than get up and switch on the news on TV, do something where you can learn at least one new thing. Make it related to wealth building so that it will inspire you to move forward with your wealth goals.

Even if you think that you know a lot about making money and becoming wealthy there is always something new to learn. So I spend at least 10 minutes a day learning something new about it. There are tons of great websites and blogs that you can go to to read about wealth building.

Of course you could get a book about developing wealth and read a section of this every morning. Too busy to do this? Well you can get the audio book version and listen to this while you are doing other things. While we are on the subject of audios you can find MP3 files online about wealth through podcasts etc. Listen to these as well.

While you are eating your breakfast you can listen to an audio or watch a video about building wealth. When you are exercising (we are coming to that next) you can listen to these audios. Just make a commitment to learn something new every day.

Habit 4 – Get your Body Moving and Eat the right things

You may be wondering what exercising has to do with becoming wealthy. Well there is nothing more important than your health. Making money is easy when you are in good health. It can be impossible if you are not in good health.

If you are not someone that exercises regularly then you can start off by doing some stretches and breathing exercises to get your blood flowing. I am not going to go in to detail here – just find a good set of simple exercises that you can easily do each morning.

You will be amazed at how the simplest forms of exercise each day can fill you with energy. Even of the thought of this fills you with dread then do it anyway. It is better to exercise first thing than it is to try and do this later. Later in the day you will have spent energy and the results will not be as good.

I also recommend that you examine your eating habits too. If you are someone that has a full English breakfast each day then think about changing this to a healthier option. Ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice if you need it. You are going to need all of the energy that you can get and eating the right kind of breakfast will help a lot.

Habit 5 – Ask yourself the right Questions

Every morning I ask myself the question “what am I going to do to make money today?” This gets my mind racing about the possibilities in front of me and any ideas that I have I write down immediately.

Asking yourself the right questions is very powerful. When you ask yourself a question your subconscious mind has no choice but to answer it for you. So it is essential that you ask the question or questions in a way that you will get answers that can move you forward.

A lot of people will ask themselves negative questions and the answers that they get back do not help them at all. A classic question people ask themselves is “why is this always happening to me?” Maybe they have had a run of property projects that have not provided the expected returns.

What sort of answers do you think your subconscious mind will return? How about “because you are a loser” or “because you don’t know what you are doing”. These answers are unlikely to inspire you to do better in the future are they?

So avoid any negativity when asking yourself questions. Go for questions like “what can I do today to take me closer to my wealth goals?” Experiment with this to see what works best for you. Which questions that you ask yourself provide you with the best answers?

Habit 6 – Work on your Wealth Goals

If you have not set any wealth goals yet then I recommend that you read my post on goal setting. I am going to assume that you have already done this. When you set any challenging goals it is essential that you create a plan to achieve them and create a list of tasks that you can work on each day.

morning by Vadim ♦ PLAKHOFF

Even one wealth task a day is good. This could be to find out more about managing your money or saving a percentage of it. If you have a number of wealth tasks for the day then I recommend that you start with the simplest one first. The reason for this is that it will build momentum within you to move on to more challenging tasks.

Final Thoughts on my Morning Habits

So now you have my six morning habits for wealth. I think that you would agree that there is nothing difficult here. You need to be consistent here and change your current routine to a similar one that I have just described. Work at it for thirty days and the habit will start to take a hold.

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