Why Do Some Succeed And Others Fail (Explained)

Have you ever thought why some people succeed yet and others fail? The mega rich and successful seem to be normal everyday people, but are they?

Personally, for years and years I have wondered why some people achieve success and others don’t. So I conducted a lot of research in this area and  surprisingly found that really successful people share a lot of common traits.

In this post I will share, from my research, 10 reasons why some people become successful but other’s never do.

I have many successful people that I admire and follow, Sir Richard Branson is at the top of my list and I also greatly admire Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon).

Successful People Know Who They Are

I identify a lot with Bezos because he has a Wealth Dynamics mechanic profile the same as me. If you don’t know what I am talking about check out my “Know Who You Are To Succeed” personality profiling post.

Knowing the personality you really are is essential, if you want to fast track your success journey, make your business run more efficiently and/or help you land your dream job.

When I found out mine, I felt liberated and my success grew because of it.

Once I discovered these traits I started to develop them in myself. It is a work in progress and not an overnight fix. I have certainly seen some improvements in my business and personal life by adopting these success traits and I urge you to do the same.

10 Reasons Why Some People Succeed and Others Don’t

The first thing to say here is that this is just my personal list of traits, I’m sure there are many others.. These are all gleaned from the research I did into what makes some people successful.

But I can tell you, all of the traits I have identified make perfect sense and I’m sure, if you start to adopt some of them, your life and success journey will start to springboard higher than you previously thought possible.

1. They are Visionaries

Really successful people have a vision of the world the way that they want it to be. This is vastly different to just setting some goals on a regular basis. These people can close their eyes and see exactly where the life is going and what it will be like in the future.

What do you see when you close your eyes?

OK we can’t all be Steve Jobs and change the world with the iPOD and iPhone. But being able to visualise the future clearly is definitely something that you should work on.

When you can see your brighter future, you need to associate strong feelings to this so that it will motivate you to make your vision a reality.

2. They are always Focused

Even people that are on the brink of success can suffer from a lack of focus. We live in a world that is full of distractions and a lot of people will let these things make them wander off track. Successful people will never let any distraction take away their focus.

Most people are full of excuses. They didn’t do something important and they will then waste a lot of precious time telling themselves and others what prevented them from following through.

I have got news for you – nobody is interested in your excuses. Successful people do not make excuses they just ensure that things happen.

3. They are totally Passionate

This will probably not surprise you. Successful people are totally passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve.

If you ask them something about their latest project you will see a big smile on their face and they will be delighted to tell you all about it. Afterwards you will feel passionate about what they are doing too!

How do you feel about your life, your goals or your business? Are you truly passionate about everything?

If you aren’t then this is definitely a trait that you need to work on. Passion is infectious and you will be able to motivate your team a lot more easily if you are passionate about your business.

Passion will strengthen your overall resolve for success.

4. They keep Positive

This starts from their beliefs. They know that they are going to be successful and never doubt that they won’t achieve their dreams. Successful people know that there will be many challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Their positivity reminds them that whatever difficulties they may face there is always a way through.

Most people have a hard time keeping negative thoughts from affecting their lives. Being able to neutralise negative thoughts with positive ones and move on is a trait that you must embrace if you want success.

5. They are Life Learners

If you think that you did all the learning that you were ever going to do when you finished college or university then you will never be successful. Successful people are all life learners.

They are never happy to be the same person that they were before.

Did you know that Warren Buffet reads around 500 new pages every day? Now you don’t have to do the same but you need to make a commitment to learning for life. Challenge yourself to learn at least one new thing each day.

Learn things that will help you to succeed on a daily basis.

6. They do not Fear Failure

Most people are afraid to fail. How about you? I certainly was when I first started out but now I accept this as an element of being successful.

Successful people do not fear failure. They know that they are going to fail sometimes and they just accept it and move on.

What successful people also do is learn from failure. They work out why something didn’t work and then avoid it in the future. Steve Jobs never feared failure because he knew that he would die some day and this always motivated him.

What are a few failures compared to death?

7. They all Work Hard

Some people believe that successful people are lucky. You know the old “right place at the right time”. Success people will tell you that the harder they work the luckier they seem to become! They never chance their success to luck.

You won’t find successful people waiting around for things to change. They are in full control of their lives and they make things happen. Working hard is just second nature to them.

While others are sitting on the couch watching TV successful people are changing the world.

8. They are Dreamers

Are you too comfortable with your life? If you are then you need to change that right now. You need to start dreaming about the life that you want and the impact that you will have on the world.

This is a key element in why do some succeed and others fail.

This is what successful people do. They know they have to get out of their comfort zone and take risks.

Walt Disney was a dreamer. He believed that if you could dream something then you could do that thing. Disney dreamed of opening a huge theme park and more than 300 financial institutions rejected his idea.

But he kept on dreaming and Disneyland eventually became a reality.

9. They have Integrity

Do you have high moral and ethical principles that you live by? Most really successful people, that have made it by themselves do. They believe so strongly in integrity that it actually defines them.

R. Buckminster Fuller said that “integrity is at the heart of everything successful”.

Not everyone in the life or business has a high degree of integrity. They lie to others to try and get what they want. This may work for a while but sooner or later people find them out and their reputation takes a nose dive.

Have high integrity with everything that you do, and you will certainly reap alot of rewards in the end.

10. They are always Grateful

How grateful are you for the life that you have? What about your health, your family and your business?

Most people take these things for granted and never show any gratitude. Successful people are always grateful for everything that they have in their life. I strongly believe in this trait but I did find it hard to put into practice to start with.

The best way I found to be really grateful was to ask myself the question “what am I truly grateful for in my life?” This then prompted me to be grateful for my family and friends, my health, all of my possessions and my businesses.

No matter how you do it, just say thank you for each and every day.

My Final Thoughts on Why Do Some Succeed And Others Fail?

Successful people are not lucky, they succeed in too many things, over and over again, to be lucky.

They follow a process, visualise the winning post and never, ever give up on something they are passionate about.

They deeply know the person they are and believe with every cell of their bodies, whatever they want to achieve, they can.

Despite everything that will be thrown their way, and there will be setbacks, they will eventually fulfil the things they dream about.

They don’t settle for second best or set the bar low, they shoot for the stars and more times than not, they get there.

I would love to hear from you …

Have you got any thoughts on Why Some People Succeed and Others Don’t? Have you got any success stories? Or failures if you are willing to share?

Please add them to the comments below. Thank you very much and have an amazingly successful day.

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