The Foundations Of A Successful Property Investor (Explained)

I have published my first book!

It is called “The Foundations Of A Successful Property Investor” and it is available on Amazon here.

It took me over 2 years to write the book and get it published.

So why did I go to all of that trouble?

The answer is that I firmly believe that you must have the right mindset if you are going to truly succeed with property investment.

Property investment is risky and a ton of things can go wrong as you may have already experienced if you have been involved in the industry for a while. In order to cope with setbacks and challenges you need to have the right mindset.

But it is more than that as well.

There is no right or wrong way to start and run a property investment business. OK there are certain guidelines that I recommend you follow to maximise your chances of success. But other than that you can do it your way.

I have never seen another book like this that just focuses on the mindset aspects of property investment. So now you know why I wrote the book let’s take a tour through the chapters so that you understand what you will be getting.

1. Your Success Your Way

As the chapter title suggests, this is all about doing things your way. There are many books and training courses out there that will suggest that you run your property investment business in a specific way. If you attend seminars (which I recommend) then they will try and impose their way of doing things on to you as well.

You are who you are. What works for one property investor might not work for you. This chapter is all about developing a property investment business strategy that fits you. It will enable you to speak with your unique voice and help you to achieve your unique vision.

I would always recommend that you get a good mentor for your business. They can provide you with a lot of good information and advice. But the final say is down to you. How you implement their suggestions is your choice. If their ideas do not suit who you are then you do not need to go with them (or you can modify them so that they do fit your style).

So to sum up, this chapter is about creating a strategic plan that will leverage your passions and your individual strengths so that you always do things “your way”.

2. Success Starts with Taking a Leap of Faith

All of the chapters in my book draw heavily on my personal experience as a property investor and this chapter is no exception. When I first started out I passed on a number of opportunities that were presented to me because of fear. The purpose of this chapter is to bring home the fact that if you do not move out of your comfort zone you will never reach your true potential.

The leap of faith that I am suggesting you make is taking on and conquering opportunities and ideas that you have never experienced before. Some of these may cause you a lot of anxiety, so a big leap of faith is required here.

Faith comes from the belief in yourself. You need to believe that your unwavering commitment and hard work will eventually yield success. All successful entrepreneurs have a deep conviction in what they are doing and are hungry for success. They accept failures as stepping stones to success.

3. The Mindset and Success Principles of Professional Property Investors

Some experienced property investors may think that they already know the mindset that they need to be successful. I used to think this as well but I was wrong. Even if you are absolutely sure of this then you should read this chapter and digest it. I guarantee that it will make you think again.

A key component to your success is to have a strong WHY. All of us have different reasons why we become involved in property investment. You must have a clear understanding of your reason and remind yourself of this all of the time. It will help you to get through the tough times.

Use your WHY statement to establish a clear roadmap for your business. In addition to this you need to embrace success guiding principles which I cover in detail in this chapter. Focus on adding value to systems and processes currently available. Always be persistent even when you think the market is against you. Remain positive at all times.

4. Finding and Protecting Your Creative Time

This is all about doing the important things in your business when you are at your peak. We all undergo productivity peaks and slumps at different times of the day. You need to identify your best time each day and protect that time.

I call this your “creative time” and I recommend that you prioritise all of your daily tasks so that you tackle those things which have the most significant impact during this time. Doing one task at a time is very important as well.

Once you have identified your creative time then you need to do everything to protect it. There may be factors that could interrupt this time and these need to be eliminated. Use your creative time each day for the most important tasks and you will see your performance and productivity grow over time.

5. The Importance of Consistency, Routines and Repetition

Consistency is a very important foundation for property investors. When you are consistent you will build trust with those that you interact with. Your reputation will strengthen which is critical. You can build your consistency by establishing a routine.

To embed a new routine in your life you need relentless repetition. It will not become a habit right away and you will need more than willpower. You need to be committed to this and put in the necessary time and effort to make it happen. After a while your new routine will be on autopilot.

6. Do Less to Achieve More

Being really busy does not mean that you will achieve more. You will attain your peak genius when you leverage your full cognitive abilities on the most critical activities. All tasks have different levels of importance in the grand scheme of things. Cut out time wasting activities and time wasters from your life.

You need to get the prioritisation right. Focus on tasks that supersede others in impact and weight. Learn to delegate or outsource certain tasks. This will take the pressure off and prevent you from becoming disorientated which will achieve nothing. Take time off to rejuvenate your mind.

7. The Liberation of Personal Growth

This is a power packed chapter about achieving what your mind conceives and believes. In this chapter I cover personal goal setting, developing a learning plan, meditation, affirmations and visualisation, reading and writing, exercise, volunteering and helping others, mentoring and participating in mastermind groups.

All of these things are part of my morning routine which really sets me up for the day ahead. In the chapter I recommend that you take some or all of these things on board as part of your morning routine and I explain why they are all important.

8. Do You Need To Learn About Yourself?

You need to know yourself as part of your journey to become a successful property investor. The great philosopher, Socrates, believed that you can only grow if you for and about yourself. You need to conduct a self examination so that you understand your desires, motivations, fears, values, strengths, weaknesses and talents.

You will not be able to properly steer your property investment business if you don’t know and understand yourself. With this self awareness you will uncover what you don’t know and then you can build the right team around you. You need to show curiosity for yourself so that you can master emotional control and let your inner drive shape you.

9. The One Hour Principle For Working On Yourself

It is no good reading about how to develop the right mindset for property investment – you need to put what you have learned into action on a regular basis. The one hour principle is a great strategy to adopt to achieve this.

All successful entrepreneurs work on themselves. Developing consistency is the key to your success. The time that you invest in your personal development is the best investment you can make. You will always face new challenges in the property investment game so you need to develop the mindset to deal with this effectively.

10. Why Knowing The Person You Are Is The Key To Your Success

Your success in the property investment world will definitely depend more on who you are than what you do. It is essential that you find your own unique path of least resistance. I recommend that you identify your personality profile and one of the best ways to do this is to use the DISC personality test from Tony Robbins.

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Consciousness. If you are a “D” profile then you have supreme confidence and are concerned with control and the bottom line. If you are an “I” profile then you are good at creating and maintaining relationships. The “S” profile means that you like to plan everything and the “C” profile means you are keen on detail and independent.

There is another great profile test by Wealth Dynamics. They consider that there are 8 routes to creating wealth. Wealth does not mean money here. It is about your natural flow and you doing what feels right.

11. Your Fascination Language

You have nine seconds to impress. And it is getting worse. The attention spans of most people are diminishing. You need to make those first seconds count so that you can really engage with the people that you meet. If you don’t they will lose interest.

Being really good at something is useless if nobody knows this. It is vital that you put your best foot forward when you first meet people. This will open the door to bigger conversations and the formation of good relationships.

So the first nine seconds are crucial for you to make a lasting impression. You need to fascinate. You have a natural in-born fascination language and you need to tap into this. This will attract people to you. Your fascination language has two triggers – primary and secondary fascination.

The primary trigger manifests when you are being your most fascinating and your secondary trigger determines how you are being your most fascinating. This combination makes people take notice of you and keeps them around.

12. How To Set Goals That Will Inspire You

To achieve a goal you need to take consistent action. In order to be a consistent action taker you need high levels of motivation. You need this to avoid getting caught up in other stuff that will detract you from achieving your goals.

I recommend that you use the SMART process for goal setting. Your goals need to always trigger action and they will do this if they excite you. If your goals do not excite and inspire you then it will not take much to distract you from them.

One thing that you must have with every goal that you set is a way to measure your progress. If it is not easy to measure your goal then use milestones instead. You cannot achieve what you cannot measure. Make your goals inspiring to give you the best chance of achieving them.

13. The Importance Of Knowing What You Need And What You Want

This is a practical and very important chapter. Money is important but you need to think about what the money will do for you and your family. To live the lifestyle that you want it is essential that you evaluate your annual and monthly income. From this you can calculate your hourly rate.

In order to maintain your lifestyle you need to identify and focus on the activities that will earn you your hourly rate. You can use validation and inversion to help you to identify these. Outsource everything else that will not create income for you.

Spend time thinking about and creating your short term and long term financial goals. If your property investment business is just covering your costs and savings then it is like having a job. Brainstorm what you really want in your life and use the SMART process to create inspiring goals.

14. Pulling It All Together And What To Do Next

This is the final chapter and it provides a summary of all the other chapters and transitions you into taking action by using your foundations workbook. The workbook will help you to chart your path to property investment mindset success.

You will never regret reading The Foundations Of A Successful Property Investor and taking action to improve yourself. Find out more about my book here.

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