What Are The Best Kitchen Cabinets For A Rental Property?

Your rental property needs to have a fully functional kitchen that is appealing to prospective tenants and can help you make money. You want to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money when you need to renovate the kitchen in your rental property.

The focal point of a kitchen is the cabinets. You may need to replace your rental home kitchen cabinets every few years to keep the kitchen up to date.

What are the best kitchen cabinets for a rental property? How often should you replace the kitchen cabinets?

Here are some ideas about getting new kitchen cabinets to convince potential renters to sign on the dotted line.

Updating Kitchen Rental Cabinets

You do not want a cheap-looking kitchen for your rental property. Yet, you do not need a premium upscale kitchen if your rental property is in a blue-collar neighborhood.

Investing time and money into new cabinets for your kitchen can increase your rates and drive revenue. Upgrading the kitchen cabinets can also increase the value of your rental property when you decide to sell it.

Here are a few things to consider when getting the best kitchen cabinets for your rental property:
  • Choose white cabinets

White cabinets give your kitchen a fresh, clean look. White is a neutral color that gives your tenants plenty of decorating options. Colored or dark cabinets create a darker atmosphere that does not give your tenants the flexibility they may want when decorating the kitchen.

White cabinets can also add value to your rental property when you decide to sell the property.

  • Avoid fancy cabinets

Shaker cabinets have been one of the most popular cabinet styles for many years. They have a simple and contemporary style regardless of the latest design trends. Shaker cabinets are sturdy, easy to install, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

These cabinets are a great long-term option because they never go out of style.

  • Choose solid wood

Solid wood cabinets are a great option, but they come at a high price. Yet, solid wood cabinets like oak, cherry, alder, or maple are strong and durable. They can also last for many years, so you do not need to worry about replacing the cabinets for a long time.

The natural grain patterns and the color of the wood can bring warmth to the kitchen. Also, you can customize the solid wood cabinets to give the kitchen to your rental property a unique look.

  • Have many drawers

Ample storage space is a plus for many renters. Renters need storage space because they bring a lot of stuff with them wherever they move. They do not like the idea of needing to keep things out in the open if there is not enough storage space. Install tall cabinets in the kitchen to maximize space and the storage area.

  • Invest in hardware

High-end cabinet door handles can enhance the look of your kitchen. Basic door handles are easy to damage, and they look cheap. Fancy cabinet door handles can add a touch of elegance to a plain-looking kitchen.

Can Tenants ask their Landlord to Update the Kitchen?

Tenants want a rental property that is in excellent condition. Therefore, landlords need to take the time to do maintenance work on all areas of the rental property, including the kitchen, before renting out the property.

Kitchens can become old, worn down, and not up to code. Tenants have every right to ask their landlord to update the kitchen. The landlord should do a cost/benefit analysis of renovating the kitchen.

Here are a few things a landlord should consider:
  • Cost

Kitchen renovations are not cheap. Yet, the cost is tax-deductible. The landlord should talk to their accountant or tax advisor to find the most tax-efficient ways to upgrade the kitchen. Landlord insurance may cover most of the renovation costs if natural wear-and-tear causes damage to the kitchen.

  • Kitchens sell a property

Everyone loves a good kitchen, even if they do not do a lot of cooking. Kitchens tend to be a gathering place for family and friends, especially on special occasions and holidays.

An old, worn-down kitchen may cause tenants to move out sooner than expected. It also makes it harder to attract new tenants or sell the property. An updated kitchen can increase the property’s value, help increase rent payments, and attract buyers when you put the property up for sale.

  • Partial renovations

Landlords do not need to renovate the entire kitchen if cost is an issue. Replacing the kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a new look while keeping your tenants happy and the costs down.

  • Landlord/tenant cooperation

Tenants may ask the landlord to renovate the entire kitchen when it may not need renovating. Replacing the cabinet door handles may be the only thing that needs fixing.

The landlord should ask the tenant about the renovations they want, ask for a quote, then negotiate an agreement for the tenant to pay up to half the cost of the kitchen renovations.

If the tenants want a new kitchen when the kitchen does not need any repairs, then the landlord can authorize the tenants to renovate the kitchen at their own expense. The landlord should still agree upon the design and finish of the new kitchen.

How Often Should Landlords Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Knowing when to replace kitchen cabinets is a judgment call. High-quality kitchen cabinets that are in good condition can last up to 50 years. The problem is that styles and interior decorating trends will change over 50 years. Kitchen cabinets with cheaper materials may only last up to 25 years.

The main factor in determining how often you should replace the kitchen cabinets is the condition of the cabinets.

Do the cabinets need minor repairs like new door handles or a fresh coat of paint? Do the cabinets need replacing because they are out of date or damaged? Knowing the condition of the cabinets and the appropriate number of repairs can save you money.

How do I Update my Rental Kitchen Cabinets?

There will eventually come a time when you need to update your rental kitchen cabinets. When you decide to update the cabinets, you can start choosing the best cabinets for your rental kitchen.

You will want to hire a professional to install new kitchen cabinets if you are unable to do the installation.

The best kitchen cabinets for a rental are those that are structurally sound with a solid foundation. Solid wood cabinets are the best because they hold up better than particle board or pressed wood cabinets.

Work with your cabinet installer to determine how much area you have in your cabinets.

When you go shopping for cabinets, you can go to a home improvement store or a kitchen cabinet distributor. You can also shop online, but you need to make sure you factor in the space you have available in the kitchen and have accurate cabinet measurements.

Be proactive when getting the best kitchen cabinets for your rental property. Research to find the type of cabinets you would like to see in the kitchen. There is a large selection of cabinets available to choose from, so take your time and choose the cabinets that you will be happy with for a long time.

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