3 Simple Ways That You Can Increase Your Confidence Today

Do you feel confident right now?

When you get up in the morning do you feel confident about your day ahead?

How confident do you feel about being a real estate investor?

If you read a lot of my posts (thank you) then you will know that I talk about confidence a lot. I wrote a post some time back providing you with 5 tips for more confidence and here I am talking about it again!

I talk a lot about confidence because it is such an important thing to have if you want to be a successful property investor.

I have met all kinds of people in the industry and I can tell you that not all of them are confident. These people are still fairly successful but I firmly believe that their lack of confidence is holding them back.

You need confidence to look at opportunities that most other property investors would pass by. The majority doesn’t like the level of risk involved and they are happy to leave this to the more confident investors.

Often these opportunities are very worthwhile! When I first started out I would pass up anything that I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with. I would see others go for the same project and make a small fortune. This made me think to myself “if only I had been braver and more confident in myself”.

Confidence Really Matters

Confidence matters in real estate investment and it matters in life. To grow as a person you need to set yourself challenging goals. If you are not confident then your goals will not be that challenging and you will struggle to achieve any goal.

We all have comfort zones and pushing out of them is often painful. But it is hands down the best way to grow as a person. I am doing things now in my property investment business that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a few years back. OK experience counts for a lot, but with the right level of confidence you can do things right now that you never thought you could do.

I work on my confidence all of the time. I tell myself that I can do anything through daily affirmations. I do other things as well to keep my confidence high and attempt to make it even higher.

The problem with most confidence building methods is that they take time to work. That’s fine and you should embrace all of these things. But what if you need a confidence boost right now? Are there ways that you can do this?

Fortunately the answer to this is “YES”. In this post I am going to share with you three simple ways that you can increase your confidence today. Let’s say that you have an important meeting coming up in a few hours. You are felling somewhat apprehensive about it and you need to give your confidence a boost.

Well use the three methods below and you will feel like you can achieve anything!

1. Visualise your Success

I am a great believer in visualisation. It is a technique that I use every day to inspire and motivate me for the challenges that lie ahead. Most people know about visualisation but few practice it. I don’t really understand this because it is really easy to do and very effective. Let’s consider an example of how you can use visualisation to increase your confidence.

You are going to meet with some people over a project that you are interested in. All of these people have been in the property game for a number of years and have a lot of experience. You are just starting out and do not want to make any newbie mistakes in the meeting that will expose you as a newcomer.

Because these people have a lot of years in the industry you feel apprehensive about them taking advantage of you. You have all kinds of negative thoughts running around in your head. The initial handshakes at the meeting are even bothering you. Will they be able to tell that you are new to property investment by the way that you shake their hands?

This is all irrational fear of course. Go to a quiet place and think about the outcome that you want from the meeting. What would be the perfect result for you? How will it make you feel if you pull this off?

Visualise this outcome. See yourself with a big smile on your face shaking hands with everyone at the end of the meeting. Conjure up the feelings you will have after the successful meeting and make these very strong. See how the project will turn out in the future and the profits in your bank account.

To get the most out of visualisation you have to make it as real as possible. This means that you need to see the future outcome and experience the great feelings of getting what you want. If it doesn’t work first time then try again. It only takes a few minutes to visualise what you want.

Don’t fear visualisation. It is there to help you. If you have to practice ten times to get it right then do that. It will be worth it at the end of the day. Get into the habit of using visualisation every day. I use it as part of my morning routine. Visualise your success and make it happen!

2. Create a Physical Anchor

You may have heard of this before. If not what you are going to do here is connect a strong feeling of success to something physical you can easily do with your body. When you do this properly you will be able to switch on confidence whenever you need it.

The first and most important step in this process is to think about when you did something that made you feel really great. You were probably apprehensive about doing this thing and it is also likely that you had a number of negative thoughts about failing. This is fine because you rose above the feelings of failure and did it anyway.

A good example of this is passing your driving test. No matter what age you are it is always nerve wracking taking a driving test. Will you remember the Highway Code? Can you do a good three point turn and not mess it up like you have so many times before when you were learning? Will you stall the car? Will you do a good emergency stop?

If this is a good example for you then think back to when you took your driving test and passed it. It doesn’t matter if you failed it before. Just focus on the test that you passed. When the examiner told you that you had passed how did you feel? Think about this feeling and make it really strong.

Once the feeling is very strong pinch your thumb and index finger together. You have now created a physical anchor. If you did it right then every time that you need a confidence boost all you need to do is to pinch your thumb and forefinger together in the same way.

When you first create the physical anchor you need to test it to see if the strong feelings return when you use it. If the feelings are not that strong then you need to go through the exercise again and really make the feelings of success strong. It shouldn’t take you too long to go through this simple 2 step process.

Once you have a good physical anchor set up you can use it any time that you need to boost your confidence. You can be in the middle of a meeting, in discussions with agents, meeting with people at the bank or your mortgage broker, talking with trade’s people you have hired and so on.

If the driving test example doesn’t apply to you then think about something else that you were really proud to achieve. What about an exam that you were not confident of passing? Passing a job interview? Mastering a specific skill? We all have things in our lives that we achieved against the odds so no excuses please.

I use the physical anchor technique a lot. If I set a really powerful anchor it can last for a long time. When it starts to fade I just go through the process again to make it strong again. I cannot recommend this easy technique highly enough.

3. Change your Posture

This is another simple but effective way to gain an almost instant confidence boost. The way that you carry your body will affect your confidence significantly. Let me ask you a question. If you had to attend an event where you didn’t know anyone how would you walk into the room where everyone is gathered?

Would you have your head down, shoulders slumped, avoid eye contact as much as possible and have a miserable expression on your face? Or would you walk into that room with your head held high, your shoulders back making eye contact with everyone and have a beaming smile on your face?

If the first kind of entrance felt more like you then you need to know that when you adopt a posture like this your confidence will be pretty low. You will be giving off a “please don’t approach me and talk to me vibe” and most people will comply. A small number of people may come over to say hello because they feel sorry for you.

Contrast this to walking in with your head held high and your shoulders back. You glance around the room and make eye contact with everyone that you can and smile at them. With this kind of posture you will have a lot of people come up to you and want to meet you. If this event is important for your property investment business then this is better isn’t it?

Now you might be thinking at this point that it will be almost impossible for you to make an entrance like this. I used to think that as well but with a bit of practice I actually found that it was quite easy to do.

Confidence by gerriet

So if you are going to attend an event today or in a couple of days get practicing in front of the mirror. A long mirror is best so that you can see yourself from head to toe. Throw those shoulders back and keep your head held high. Put a smile on your face and practice looking around you.

You may think that I have gone nuts at this point! I haven’t and this is a great way to turn on instant confidence. If your head is down and your shoulders slumped it is almost impossible to smile (not sincerely anyway). The opposite is true with your shoulders back and your head up.

So there you have it – three great ways that you can turn on extra confidence today. Use all of these methods to your advantage.

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